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Get IT Right

Discover IT

Discover IT portfolio of service is designed to assist an organization in defining the IT journey that is most suited for Organization’s business activities and its growth plans. The service is delivered by the highest level of consultants within Prudence having domain experience in your industry besides IT expertise in various solutions. This service is suited for organizations with low adaption to IT or highly dissatisfactory service level of IT systems.

Consult IT

Consult IT range of services are provided to the organizations which have already identified their IT strategy and defined their roadmap. Identification and Evaluation of best fit solutions for your industry is carried out as part of these services. Pre requisites are identified and advised based on the experience of our consultants with program management of many such solutions and if the need be program is managed by dedicated program manager from Prudence.

Implement IT

Our implementation services are set of core services delivered by consultants having strong experience in implementing the chosen solutions in least possible time. We typically use the implementation methodology recommended by the solution vendor like Oracle, Microsoft. This methodology is further enhanced by our leadership team’s global and Indian experience in implementing these solutions across the globe.

Sustain IT

An enterprise application is critical for the business continuation. Effective support services and processes help organizations to focus on the business rather than issue resolutions. A predictive approach further enhances capability in foreseeing the upcoming issues. The early resolution ensures business continuity. Our proven support services are based on these principles with multiple cost effective options.

Enhance IT

The continuous growth and dynamic market trends challenge organization and their sustainability. A timely enhancement of the internal systems and processes helps organization in meeting these challenges. Another factor is the technology up gradation, which force organizations to enhance the applications. As a trusted advisor we help you in enhancing the application which are future ready and sustain for longer time.

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