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Define Farm Rules

Based on the type of farming templates are pre-defined along with nature of inventory adjustment and duration (start to end) for which the activity like medication, vaccination, feeding etc. are planned. These automated rules re-usable so that you can go create your batch and start using the app.

Farm Activity Planning

Multi farms have different activities scheduled over the period which needs to be automated so that a farmer can focus on the growth and health without remembering these tasks. The duration (start to end) of these activities like medication, vaccination, feeding etc. can be planned easily.

Output Cost

Farms output like egg, doc, milk cost is a complicated matter. Navfarm helps a farmer to analyze right cost for the output based on the inputs cost entered daily/weekly/monthly. Hence a farmer need not worry on the cost.

Growth as per Standard

Based on the breed, location and medication growth of the livestock can vary. These can be used as per the farm owner requirement. Like in case of broiler slaughter age can vary from 35 to 40 days. The growth needs to be monitored based on standards defined.

Contract Farming

To expand the growth integrated farmers opt for contract farming. Navfarm can be extended to those farmers as well. Since the app is cost effective and easy to use it can be extended easily. They can also maintain their inventory and data can be used for monitoring purposes.


Farm to fork and fork to farm traceability is important. Specially after the pandemic, its important for a farmer to establish reverse traceability. Navfarm can help achieving the same without additional cost and features.

Offline App Access

Navfarm understands many farm locations have an internet issues. The app is configured to operate in offline mode. This shall help accumulating data in offline and sync with server when back to connectivity.

Alerts & Notification

Deviation from the actuals, important activities scheduled, or visits for vet planned or data entry getting missed. Navfarm ensures the user to make sure all important activities are not getting skipped.

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