Advantage Prudence

Advantage Prudence

  • Core @ Prudence
    “CAS” Customer acquisitions and satisfaction
    Prudence aims to deliver right and optimized implementations to achieve happy customers.
  • Standards & Practices
    Our founding members have had a rich experience of delivering IT solutions across continents and industry domains. This truly brings global standard practices in picture with our design, development and delivery teams. We do not believe in picking up any project for the sake of earning revenue. Instead, we believe in a consultative approach where we first demonstrate a prototype or a concept note to the senior management. This lays down the foundation of our relationship through which we gain mutual confidence for proceeding towards further execution. Also, we do not believe in presenting old wines in new bottles. Instead, we do systems study from the grounds – up for every organization, because there are finer points which come up in every new study. These become crucial for deeper understanding of the functional requirements in the technology deliverables. Once we have finalized the solution scope, we configure those functions through standard features and build to customize those enhanced features which are specifically required for the unique requirement by the client.

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  • Where Industry experience meets Work experience
    Any enterprise project is entailed with continuous engagement of knowledge and wisdom sharing. While every organization has its unique work environment and process settings, our independent experience of having worked with tens of similar companies helps the organization identify the industry best practices which we seek to incorporate in the implementations. By confluence of these two worlds; Prudence synergistically creates a dynamic and transparent environment where open conversations lead to identification of real need, leading to the true fitment of technology solutions. In other words, Prudence provides premium consulting services while at the same time approaching every client on an individual level; knowing that even in the same industry, every organization has different style of working.
  • More than just standard solutions
    Prudence has gone beyond being mere resellers of software systems, and has evolved into bringing its own innovations that work in sync with the standard Microsoft and Oracle products. This has enhanced our value proposition by bringing unique solutions on the platter as Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs). These solutions were formulated by our close insight into the real challenges faced by today’s organizations, which come up during the initial systems study phase of the projects. We have found huge acceptance from the industry by replicating these solutions across organizations in various domains.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We have set ourselves very high benchmarks; we strive to beat ourselves every time in our excellence and proficiency. These proficiencies are related to the ease with which our clients are able to adapt to new technologies and systems, how quickly they are able to realize ROI through business benefits of the technology implementations; and the detailed, precise mapping of proposed deliverables with actual post-live utilization of modular and micro level business functions.

The value in our projects comes through the practice of constant progress tracking not just by the project managers but even by the senior management. Their valuable inputs and guiding force ensures that our efforts are never going off the track, and that the implementation team imbibes the habit of being innovative for every new assigned task.

Quality in the technology domain is highly based on the value realization of our valued clients. We pride on having built a continuum of value based work for the plethora of industries for which we have worked. All our clients count on us for providing those effective IT solutions and future enhancements from time to time.

This is where Prudence has setup a dedicated team of the quality assurance, whose presence makes sure that solutions are as per industry standards.