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Today, everything is about mobility and flexibility when it comes to managing and evaluating the data generated by the core application like ERP, CRM, HRMS. This means that the best business intelligence tool for the ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS, SAP Business One should allow you to access ... Read More
January 17, 2017siteadmin


Understanding the key aspect of Data Discovery, DVCS includes multiple features to facilitate the data analysis process. One simple tool used for data discovery is the filters: the user can decide to filter Attributes based on values or Measures based on ranges. Together with the filter, Reference Lines and Trend Lines are available in ... Read More
December 8, 2016siteadmin


As per Prudence pre-built approach, Dashboards and Reports are easy and fast to be rolled out on Oracle secured cloud environment with customer’s data so that the data makes more sense and let them understand as to what changes are required to the standard one’s in making better decisions. Our ... Read More
May 23, 2016siteadmin


Oracle has released three editions of Oracle Business Intelligence suite and all have always wondered, What is the basic difference between three editions. After acquisition of Siebel by Oracle, we could see major changes in Oracle Business intelligence products. Oracle BI Standard Edition one and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus ... Read More
May 10, 2015siteadmin