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There are many benefits of doing the poultry business. These benefits range from the fact that they are easily available, and are healthier than red meat. They are also most preferred by many because they do not take long to cook. For these and many other reasons, poultry farming has ... Read More
January 18, 2018siteadmin


It is fascinating that we all live in an era of data. Both poultry and livestock farms are no exception, with data being available than before. Embracing technology in poultry and livestock environments, farmers have access to all the automatically collected data. The data is crucial to ensure reasonable production ... Read More
January 11, 2018siteadmin
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Many people remain undecided on whether to maintain on-premise data systems or migrate to the Cloud. With major technology vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft stepping up their efforts in emphasizing the endless advantages of running applications, infrastructure, platforms and even storing data in the Cloud, it is imperative for ... Read More
August 26, 2017siteadmin


The poultry farm industry is normally lucrative and when to run properly and complemented along with a good automation in livestock management, it offers excellent potential for its shareholders. Having a poultry business can concentrate the on chicken breeding, meat production or egg production. Poultry deals with chicken, which apart from ... Read More
April 7, 2017siteadmin
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This blog is in continuation to the series on the subject, our previous blog are: 1. 2...  Post hatchery the One Day Old Chicks are moved to the farms for the brooding, rearing & Laying. Top Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry The ERP for the brooding, rearing or ... Read More
February 15, 2017siteadmin


Recently PTPL attended one of the South Asia’s largest exhibitions “Poultry India 2016” in Hyderabad. It was a 4 days event from (22-25) November. The event organized by IPEMA was marked by a milestone as they successfully completed their 10 years of collaboration with Poultry India. The cynosure of the event ... Read More
December 2, 2016siteadmin


In last blog, I have promised to come back with a complete edition on the benefits and process of implementing a ERP in the poultry industry. Now in this blog we would go little bit micro to understand the benefits of the standard ERP in Poultry or Hatcheries.  So let’s start ... Read More
October 26, 2016siteadmin


Poultry or Livestock industry is growing due to increase in the urban per capital and falling prices of the broiler & egg. Now to compete in the growing market to sustain or increase the market share, organization needs to innovate. One of the important aspect in this innovation is adoption ... Read More
August 9, 2016siteadmin


It is not just the maize mixed with vitamins supplements and other grains, the feed mill manufacturing is a scientific process enabled by the different automation at the machinery level. The technology matrix can be depicted as per table below: Process Automation/Technology Material Receipt at Gate Electronic Weigh Bridge Quality check of the material Different equipment ... Read More
February 16, 2016siteadmin