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In an exceptionally competitive business condition, the present day organizations require a dependable and effective strategy for putting away, handling and getting an insight into the information. This is exactly where an ERP solution demonstrates to be particularly helpful. An ERP arrangement works via flawlessly incorporating each aspect of your ... Read More
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Synopsis: Oracle Fusion HCM is enables to ensure high-performance with quality as a priority in the workplace. Oracle Fusion HCM can help employee Share and Understand Their Common goal, Communicate Proactively Oracle Fusion HCM cloud helps making faster and smarter decision to derive business transformation Oracle Fusion HCM recommends roles, ... Read More
February 17, 2019siteadmin
Managing Hybrid Accounting


In the business world there exist 2 basic accounting method Cash or Accrual. The blog is intended to guide how organizations who work on dual accounting standard can be benefitted. Cash Basis Accounting: Organization record only payments/receivable and not record liability against invoices. The payments/receivable distributions typically debit your expense or ... Read More
February 17, 2019siteadmin
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Talent management is significant for organization’s recruiting exercises in the job market. HCM cloud has vast benefits while ensuring employees have the best experiences at the work place. Additionally, it helps use minimal time while hiring talent as it leverages employee referrals to generate talent, providing end-to-end recruitment as well as ... Read More
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Performance management refers to finding new talents and nurturing current employees to increase organizational engagement and performance. It talks about analyzing the performance of the employee and provide training and other essential resources like performance management tool to enhance performance. For many years, the approach to managing the workforce and conducting ... Read More
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Human Resource technology is reshaping as the rapidly changing workforce which ultimately leads to new software delivery models with social, mobile and analytical abilities. Most companies have already commenced the application of new HR system which would be able to respond more efficiently. There are basically two categories named on-premise ... Read More
March 23, 2017siteadmin
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Demand of modern times for resource centric organization is directly proportional to Talent Revolution. Attractive qualities such as praise, feedback, transparency, appreciations and self development will have a profound impact on organizational talent retention. To unleash the potential and keep talent motivated companies must prioritize the employee journey, from an initial ... Read More
December 18, 2016siteadmin


In today’s fast moving world which is full of innovations, technology is moving at highest pace. Businesses are going through transformation due to adoptions of these innovations in different areas such as automation of processes, communication, market outlook, R&D etc. Sooner or later businesses are forced to adopt these changes. ... Read More
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Document it & Document It Documentation helps you in Better understanding of the customer requirements Complete control on the Project deliverables Milestone signoffs Keeping the records for future implementations Better communication between Technical & Functional team Document Check list in a Implementation KICK off & Planning: PIK0001 Kick Off Presentation PIK0003 Resource Matrix PIK0004 Complete Project Plan with ... Read More
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