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When a company sells its product to an individual user for his or her own use is known as retail sale. The retail transaction can be done through various channels like online, direct sale or from a physical store. Retail is usually categorized into four types: Food: eatable things like ... Read More
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Cloud technology is maturing and rapidly scaling. Most organizations have implemented successful multiple cloud solutions and initiatives. Many companies are changing their legacy infrastructure or deploying fresh cloud solutions. It can be daunting for your company to migrate to the cloud. Ensure that your company does not overlook the relevant ... Read More
January 8, 2018siteadmin


In today’s fast moving world which is full of innovations, technology is moving at highest pace. Businesses are going through transformation due to adoptions of these innovations in different areas such as automation of processes, communication, market outlook, R&D etc. Sooner or later businesses are forced to adopt these changes. ... Read More
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Document it & Document It Documentation helps you in Better understanding of the customer requirements Complete control on the Project deliverables Milestone signoffs Keeping the records for future implementations Better communication between Technical & Functional team Document Check list in a Implementation KICK off & Planning: PIK0001 Kick Off Presentation PIK0003 Resource Matrix PIK0004 Complete Project Plan with ... Read More
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