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Can you think your life without technology came to the masses? Let’s take some examples of technology we are using in our daily life e.g. Mobile and internet. These are the basic examples, without them our life is very difficult. Everyone knows how usage of mobile is increasing day by ... Read More
September 2, 2017siteadmin
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Demand of modern times for resource centric organization is directly proportional to Talent Revolution. Attractive qualities such as praise, feedback, transparency, appreciations and self development will have a profound impact on organizational talent retention. To unleash the potential and keep talent motivated companies must prioritize the employee journey, from an initial ... Read More
December 18, 2016siteadmin


Each organization wants to reward its performers with best available options. The major bottleneck comes during these rewards is choosing the right person. These rewards some time gets influenced by following factors: Time of review cycle: The timing of the review cycle. For example, if a major installation or process improvement ... Read More
September 27, 2016siteadmin