GMS(Grant Management System)

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GMS(Grant Management System) allows the management to keep track record of all the schemes/projects being implemented under the department. The system allows all the stakeholders of the project, view the status of the project at various stages on Real time basis. The scope of solution includes review of records and allocation & utilization of funds under the schemes, evaluation of the project performance, and to ensure transparency.


  • Input, Output and Resource Management on Real time basis
  • Online Traceability and Monitoring system with tracking up to the level of ultimate beneficiary
  • Bio-metric data integration of ultimate beneficiaries
  • Custom Report Generator system with reporting horizontally as well as vertically
  • Online Best practices and Assurance system
  • Quality management System
  • Risk assessment and Quick Alert system
  • Encrypted Password secured Information
  • Web enabled Real time based knowledge system

Implementation of programmers

  • The project status can be viewed at Central level.
  • State level
  • District level
  • Village level
  • Individual level
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