LS Retail

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LS Retail

Fine Dining
Casual Dining & Fast Food
Delivery with Call Center
Catering & Cafeterias

Apparel / Fashion
Electronics / Technical
Food / Grocery

Self & Full Service
Outdoor Payment Terminal
Car Wash
Price Poles

The LS Point of Sale (POS) is an integral part of LS Retail which can work online and with unique integrated replication tools it can also work offline for optimal resilience with the online benefits in place at all times. The architecture of LS Retail very scalable – both technically and economically – from 10 POS up to 1000 POS. LS Retail also comes with mobile loyalty, loyalty portal and e-Commerce making retailer more competitive.

LS Retail NAV is an end-to-end solution built for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can manage complete retail business from the supply chain management at HO and Store through its POS. What makes this solution unique is the end to end solution on the same platform.

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