NAVCube – Analytics for Dynamics

NAVCube – Analytics for Dynamics


NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for Microsoft™ Dynamics Solutions helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions.

Organizations can monitor, explore, and analyze dynamics data across companies, and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through in depth capability of the NAVCUBE™, Business Analytics for Dynamics. They can improvise in decision making and performance. Companies have achieved saving of 40% resources to generate MIS by using NAVCUBE™.

Further they can explore the data across other applications Like CRM, POS, HRMS due to flexible integration capacity of the NAVCUBE™. This helps in saving huge cost incurred on the integration across application just to get the reporting.

Moreover, a single report of NAVCUBE™ can carry as much information as would be displayed by 10 or 15 reports of other solutions (expandable rows/ columns), which makes it that much easier for the management to view consolidated or drilled down business dimension views.

Unlike other similar solutions, it does not sit as an independent application but instead, does a real time; in-memory analysis of the NAV data through very dynamic, easy to configure charts, reports and dashboards. Seamless integration with Excel further helps in integration of the planning, forecast and Budgeting.

Some of the unique features of the NAVCUBE™:

  • Drag and drop functions for adding fields to layout.
  • Layout management supporting saving, retrieving and removal of report layouts based on user security rights.
  • Chart Integration: Provides real-time integration with different chart types based on drag and select
  • Formatting: Conditional formatting tool allowing creation of exception reports and highlight user defined conditions
  • Top N Values: Provides top and bottom n value filtering with option to show “Others” data row
  • Field Summary: Change the summary of any field from sum to min, max, average, standard deviation, etc.
  • Totals: Show and hide totals and add running totals
  • Variation: Show variation in figures in absolute or percentage terms, e.g. month on month, quarter on quarter, etc. Also, allows for contribution analysis at the row or column level
  • Date Interval: Convert any date field into any time dimension, e.g. month, week, year, day of week, etc.
  • Pre-Filter: multiple filter conditions on multiple fields
  • Custom Field: Add user defined fields to reports with custom formulae and condition