Global business analytical trend is changing…are you prepared for it? Can you quickly access all the information you need to analyze, internally as well as externally to understand what’s happening? Do you invest your time again and again in accumulating data for your analysis to make decisions and take action to address the change?

95% of the organizations are doing repeatable data accumulation and building analysis over the same.

Most of the organization hardware asset depreciation occurs without actual utilization.

Oracle BICS is built around OBIEE, having strong fundamental adaptation from other acquisition tool. Using fundamental analytics principal BICS maintains standard Analysis Editor, Dashboard Editor and repository (RPD) under the covers. Oracle BICS can arrange unstructured data for quick business decisions.

The word “agile” for Oracle BICS refers to :

  • Cloud-based, which means there is no on-premise infrastructure to own. Hence you can get started a lot quicker than on-premise and fully compliant.
  • No need to buy perpetual or one/two-year term licenses; hence we can use tactical OBIEE without infusing high capital in license purchase.
  • User-focused having ease to build cloud-based dashboards i.e. more consumer-like user interface than moving with more traditional analytical approach.

On the other hand Oracle DVCS is an enterprise data discovery platform for rapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of data from any combination of structured and unstructured sources. These can be easily made usable by the user in following ways:

  • Heat Map
  • Tag Cloud
  • In – Built Maps
  • Information Tiles

OBICS – Pre Built Analytics

What you get is Decision-Ready Analytics and Best-Practice Content:

  • Finance professionals with visibility into cash flow, gross margins, operating expenses, account balances
  • Supply Chain Professionals with visibility into parts and material trends, supplier performance, discounts and returns
  • Sales professionals with visibility into forecast revenues and transactions, manage the pipeline and track opportunities
  • Planning and Production team with visibility into requirement of FG & RM, orders, quality and dispatch
  • HR professionals with visibility into headcount trends, employee attrition rates, statutory and utilization information
  • Projects and Service managers with visibility into contracts and comparative analysis through budgeted vs. actual