Oracle Taleo Recruirtment Management Cloud

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Oracle TBE Recruitment cloud service

Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service products enable you to streamline sourcing and recruiting to increase the quality of your new hires and reduce costs associated with recruiting. With no software to install or maintain, your solution will be up and running in days, not weeks—and you won’t need a large IT staff to manage it. Finally, you get built-in compliance reporting for peace of mind when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements.
Hire the Best People
To drive results, you need to find and hire the right people. You also need to stand out from the competition by making your organization a place where quality people want to work. What if you could find the best people for your open positions quickly and efficiently? What if you could access and reuse candidate data in the future? What if you could use social networking tools to attract more candidates?
Standout Feature :
  • Requisition management capabilities
  • Smart candidate sourcing from multiple sites and job boards
  • Links to social networks and media
  • Candidate management capabilities
  • Workflow customization
  • Automated prescreening and ranking of applicants
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer
  • Compliance management
  • Integration with Web APIs
  • Company Presentation
  • Data Sheet
  • Case Study
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