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Core HR Management

Prudence Core Human Resources Cloud is part of the most complete human capital management suite. This holistic approach enables organizations to eliminate information silos and leverage workforce data throughout the human resource management systems so they can make better operational decisions. While comprehensive and feature rich, Prudence’s solution is also streamlined, user-friendly and flexible so companies can operate with agility and simplify how they manage their workforce.
Standout Feature :
  • HR Info & Employee Data Management,
  • Company Setup, Configuration setup, Policies Setup,
  • Web based Leave Application and Approval Work Flow,
  • Email Notifications (All the leaves entitlement will be updated based on company policies and leave balances will be updated based on leaves availed)
  • Capture Employee personal information, family details, nominees, photos
  • Maintain records about employee personal information, educational background, skills, previous job experience/ designation, salary details and
  • Store related graphic files such as photographs, licenses, certificates, visas, etc.
  • User instantaneous access to employee addresses, phone numbers, passports, and emergency contacts.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Define positions and map employee to respective position
  • Employee Medical History
  • Employee skills records
  • Employee Transfers and Promotions Record
  • Employee background check information
  • Confirmation reminders in the system before the due date (Configurable).
  • Facility to automatically change probation status to “Confirmed” after end of probation period
  • Facility to maintain information on employment history from joining to separation like salary changes, designation/ level changes, transfer etc. i.e. the progression details
  • Employee Retirement notification
  • Provides departmental and consolidated analysis in the reports.
  • Maintains employee termination records along with termination reason, eligibility for rehire, etc.
  • Flexible reporting capability, enabling the user to generate reports with various combinations of data elements resident in the system.
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  • Case Study
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