Achieving constant availability into the market keeping quality and quantity maintained with incremental demand has always been a challenge for Netplus Broadband Services. While Enterprise Resource Planning programs address these challenges, value from supply chain transformation programs can be fully realized by building Analytics that is in line with strategic business objectives and in alignment with organization strategy. The case study describes such BI Analytics Implementation at Leading Broadband Services Providers. The analytics led to operational efficiency and understanding the consumer nature to facilitate the supply and demand.

Headquarter in Ludhiana, Punjab. Net+ Broadband is 100% Subsidiary of Fastway Transmission Pvt. Ltd and is an emerging independence ISPs in Punjab. It offers High Speed Internet through Cable Modem platform to residential, SME and Corporate Customers in all major cities and township of Urban Punjab.

Project Synopsis: Being into the business for a considerable time, Fastway was sure when they would launch their brand for Internet Service it would be a success. Having their license from Telecom ministry, organization set the tone right by implementing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) through Big 4. They wanted to ensure when they leverage the market, right platform should be implemented. Intelligent business decision was taken to implement solution for Billing, Inventory, Finance, Statutory and Fixed Asset.

Additionally, Organization also knew that without right information available at correct time, all plans would not be well executed. Hence Netplus implemented Oracle Business Intelligence to ensure every stakeholder is informed to make decision best suited to the organization.

Business Challenges

  • Management has to be always informed and prepared
  • Commercial team monitoring and variance should be tracked
  • Trouble Ticketing has to be always be insight
  • Quality shall always be maintained
  • Vertical Business Growth has to be achieved
  • Customers, Employees and Distributors shall be reached.

Technology Challenges

  • Numerous legacy and reporting systems
  • Over 1000 reports but limited analytics to give visibility to decision support systems
  • Data redundancies and inconsistencies due to poor design of data-warehouses
  • High cost of ownership
  • Master data management issues resulting in poor quality of reports

The transformation program had objectives to harmonize and re-design of supply chain processes and give visibility to key supply chain performance metrics and leading indicators. The following areas were identified Standardization of

  • Call Centre processes (Trouble Ticketing) and analytics
  • Churn and Payout Structure has to be mapped with automatically (Currently its Manually)
  • Collection process and analytics
  • Consolidated BI system to deliver ‘Single Version of Truth’
  • Deliver analytics in areas of Inventory Management, Finance and Procurement process.
  • Order to Cash processes and Spend Analysis

Coverage towards Strategy

  • Call Center management(Complaints)
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Collection Payout and Churn
  • Management
  • Supply Chain Management

User Performance Optimization

  • Collection Efficiency
  • Distributor-LBO Wise Collection
  • Online Payment
  • Spillover Analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Information Made Available

  • Management office Dashboard
  • Complaint Dashboard
  • Collection Dashboard
  • Payout Dashboard- Distributor and TLV Wise
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Commission Dashboard
  • Operation Analysis Dashboard

Monitor Business Measurements

  • Inventory Movement
  • Repeat Count
  • Problem Category
  • Complaint Process with detail information
  • Lead time Analysis-Inventory
  • Item-Cluster-RPhy-TLV-LBO Wise Analysis
  • Material Status Analysis

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