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Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh


  • 3 million DOCs per month
  • 2 Feed Plants
  • 1100 Tonnes Feed Per Day
  • 1000 Broiler Breeders

Agriculture, Livestock food products &


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • 2016
  • NAVFarm Livestock Management
  • NAVOne Food and Dairy Retail
  • NAVCube Business Intelligence

About NAVFarm:

An effective application to manage the Feed, Farms and Livestock. NAVFARM™ also helps managing bookkeeping, inventory, production, food processing and distribution along with exceptional reporting in scheduled manner.

About Prudence Technology:

Prudence Technology is a premium consulting firm and is Gold Partner of Oracle and Microsoft Solutions that cut across different industries through a consultative approach.


Livestock, Poultry, Feed, Food & Retail, Slaughtering, Hatching, Egg Costing, Equipment, Diary and Distribution, Feed Manufacturing, Layer farming, Processed Foods and Medicines, Dynamics 365, Azure, On Cloud, GDPR Compliance, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, SAP, .Net, SharePoint, IoT, AI, ML.


About Sampoorna Group:

About Sampoorna Group: Sampoorna has begun its journey as poultry farm and feeder from 1995, since then it becomes the widely known brand in northern India.

This is due to the company’s emphasis on uncompromising quality and services. Itis one of the most renowned integrated player in the poultry industry in North India.

Feed Plant has separate Lines for the Production of Broiler Feeds and Layer Feeds in Mash, Crumble and Pellet form; Cattle Feeds in Mash & pellet form. The computer aided, scientifically compounded, nutritionally balanced feed formulations done by highly qualified Nutritionist using tested and selected feed ingredients.

Why They Choose NAVFarm: When Sampoorna Group decided to transform they could only rely on NAVFarm to provide better access to farm data, accurate FCR, proper daily inventory, real time calculation of the yield of the feed plant with integration with finance and supply chain. NAVFarm helped Sampoorna with in expanding while keeping critical business records.


  • Feed Conversion Ratio
  • DOC management
  • Real Time Farm data entry
  • Parameter analysis
  • Procurement & Planning.
  • Inventory management.
  • Retail Distribution


  • Batch wise Inventory movements
  • Safety stock & Reorder policy
  • Ineffective Inventory Status.
  • Cost Center Reconciliation
  • Shelf life management
  • Flock wise Traceability
  • Growing Charges (GC) Reconciliation

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