Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence

Prudence Technology delivers the most robust set of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard functionality with a rich end-user experience that includes visualization, collaboration, alerts, and more.As a BI solution provider Prudence Technology provides following services:

• Building complete Data Warehouse
• Strong ETL logics from any data source.
• User friendly Dashboard design
• Discovery to OBIEE migration

• BI Server
• BI Answers
• BI Interactive Dashboards
• BI Delivers
• BI Publisher
• Oracle Real-Time Decision Server
• Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
• Oracle Data Visualization

• Oracle Business Intelligence Server
• Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards
• Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
• Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
• Oracle Database Standard Edition One
• Oracle Warehouse Builder
• Complete and Flexible
• Maximum 50 Users

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE delivers the full range of Business Intelligence capabilities including interactive dashboards, ad hoc inquiries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting and real-time predictive intelligence. With Oracle Business Intelligence

• Automated Reporting
• Up-to-date information
• Should not start from Zero
• Rapid Change supported by informed decision making
• User authorization
• System with no user based hassle
• Lower TCO with Faster Deployment
• Multi-dimensional and cross ledger analysis.
• Alerts Mechanism: Conditional Scheduling.
• Report Scheduling: Scheduler based on authorizations.
• Real time reporting.
• In Memory Analysis
• Multi Company Consolidation
• Multi Data source connectivity
• No programming at User Level
• Export and Email in multi format

Pre-Built Analytics


• Solution Presentation
• Data Sheet

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Standard Edition

• Case Study – Netplus
• Case Study – Pwani Oils
• Case Study – My GOV