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“Only Growth is constant & Data is persistent”


One of the most anticipated industry vertical will be Telecom primarily due to the connective tissue for the Internet of Things (IOT), Digital to Home, IPTV, ISV, autonomous vehicles, and mobile media, just to name a few. For years, carriers have utilized “small cells” to help fill coverage gaps between large macro-site cellular towers that serve sizable geographic areas.
Revenue growth for Telecom industry is of critical importance which yield on data services as consumers use more and more data. As per the last trend of 20 years, continuous technical transformation and information waves have driven high growth in the telecom industry. However, an age with saturated telecom penetration is coming, and industry is facing a brand new situation which is incremental data.
Right solution is required for all telecom or telco feeding industry to overcome these constant challenges. The solution should be robust and agile. Being data driven it is also important that application has a strong database to support this incremental addition. Industries like Digital to Home (D2H), Internet TV(IPTv), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Tower Installation Contractors, Service Providers etc. require a strong system to ensure stable business platform through which they can manage their business.
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Prudence Offering

Prudence Technology strong domain knowledge into telecom vertical and experience in implementation of business and analytical tools enable organizations to do more with – and benefit more from – their ERP software systems. Our efficient, broad and independent experience allows clients to implement the solution more effectively. Prudence has helped several organizations overcome these challenges by setting up an environment of constant monitoring and self-checking methods which do not allow estimated budgets and timelines to lie completely off the track; while at the same time incorporating multiple digital marketing tools on systems to capture their cost effectiveness. Thereby organizations realize better risk management, lower operating costs and effective utilization of resources in key service domains or projects.
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